How to Organize Your 1000-Square-Foot Apartment

公寓和城市生活有它的好处,但不是without its disadvantages. For the last 18 years of my life, I have lived in apartments ranging from 650-square-feet to 1100-square-feet. If you can relate, the number one thing an apartment renter wants is SPACE – space for living and space for storage.

Over the years, I have finetuned my craft of maximizing the space in my apartment to prevent me from feeling cramp and overwhelmed by all the things I have accumulated over the years. From storage hacks to storage savers, this post will share the details of how I manage to keep order and space in my 1000-square-foot Seattle apartment.

Only Keep What You Need

Over time, I’ve learned to become less emotionally attached to the items within my home. I’d love to make up irrational excuses as to why I need to keep the item, only to allow it to accumulate dust for another 5+ years.

Organization Tool: Dresser Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers have truly allowed me to move forward with the clean mindset of keeping only what I need! The beauty of drawer organizers is that they visibly show you exactly what you have so that nothing gets left behind and everything gets used.

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Take my workout drawer for example. This drawer has always been a constant black hole of leggings and sports bras and truth be told, I was grabbing and wearing the same few things over and over again. This level of organization allows me to see all my bras and pants — it also gave me the opportunity to donate everything I wasn’t using! Win, win!

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Organization Tool: Shoe Rack

Accessibility to seasonal shoes is also important to me – all my shoes are currently boxed and stored throughout my closet. Every month, I refresh this rack with shoes I plan to wear that month for easy grab-n-go access. By rotating out my shoes I’m able to remember all the gorgeous shoes I have and get some great use out of them!

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Organization Tool: Drawer Organization Tray

In our kitchen, I did the same with our drawers. It seems that in every house there is that ONE drawer that becomes the catch-all. Using these organizers gives me clear visibility into the drawer with no rummaging necessary! Everything is visible and easy to grab! Life-changing!

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Maximize Your Space

Typically when it comes to organizing in my home, I’ve always focused on my closet. But, with limited cabinet space, I needed to create a plan on keeping my cabinets clean and organized so that nothing falls in the abyss of my cupboards.

Organization Tool: Food Storage System

These organizing containers not only keep everything fresh but also allow for maximum organization. Before I would have never been able to have stacked the sugar and brown sugar, but now I can with ease! Not only does it make me more efficient in the kitchen, but I’m also prevented from purchasing something extra at the store that I think might not be there!

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Now, organizing can be a very daunting task, but it’s manageable. If you start with the areas you might be frustrated with the most, you can work your way down the list of other areas in your home a little at a time to help create a space that you love and doesn’t stress you out!