Go Green with These Clean Cleaning Products

Utilizing “clean” products in all areas of my life has become a high priority for me! From skincare to household products and beyond! Of course, everyone has their tried and true household products, but are they cleaning, or are they, in fact, leaving a bigger mess behind? Clean products safely and effectively remove soils, germs and other contaminants that help us stay healthy and free of unnecessary chemicals.

Who is Nellie’s Clean?

Last year, I was introduced to thehousehold cleaning brand Nellie’s, and it was love at first product. At that time, I was becoming more and more interested in doing right for the people in my household and for the environment. Nellie’s has introduced me to a whole new world and have broadened my view on the easy adjustments you can make in your life that make long-term investments for you and the globe!

Today, I’m sharing all my love for Nellie’s Clean products and I have used them in my everyday life.

内莉是一个品牌,致力于提供eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and effective cleaning products without the fuss! Their products are free of harmful toxins and synthetic fragrances that end up making your house dirtier than when you started!

Additionally, they have pledged to transition to glass and tin containers in their initiative to become plastic-free. And if you are extra curious, Nellie’s also has a whole page dedicated to their ingredients — what they are and what their purpose is! It’s always more helpful to understand

How do I integrate Nellie’s into my house?

The Kitchen

The kitchen felt like the right first place to start making a change. When I made the change with skincare, I started with something I use every day as a moisturizer. I took that same mentality I did with clean beauty and applied it to household items!

Washing fruit and veggies isn’t something that I practiced much at all, butNellie’s Fruit and Veggie Washmotivated me to eat “clean”. I’m super particular about the food and ingredients I made at home, so why not care for them like they should be cared for! The wash helps remove surface pesticides, preservatives, and other contaminants that it picked up at the grocery store…..organic or not!

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If there is anything I don’t appreciate about cleaning products, that every surface and room requires a different cleaning product. Nellie’s Clean does a great job of streamlining products and putting them into one bottle to reduce clutter, plastic and all the above from your house! I mean, our kitchen sinks are cluttered enough are they not?

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Why do we need 2+ soaps?! We don’t! ThisNellie’s One Soapis the perfect dish and hand soap that everyone needs. It’s even safe enough to use on dogs! It’s a plant-based soap built to help strip away grime and food without stripping away at your skin! They infused the product with pure essential oils for an all-natural soap that harsh on grime and soft on your hands!

The Bathroom

The bathroom, next to the kitchen, is the most cleaning room in the house. We are in there both in the morning and night, with multiple showers a day. Dust builds up and water stains grow! TheNellie’s Shower & Bath Cleaneris a power cleaner against scum and grime! I’ve used other bathroom cleaners in the past and have chocked on the heavy smelling chemicals that float in the air after every spray.

  • Shower & Bath Cleaner By Nellie’s Clean Shop Now

This product is compromised of FOUR products, one of which is a natural lemongrass fragrance. It makes you wonder if a product truly does need more than four ingredients to be effective!

TheNellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaneris also great to have. It contains no harsh chemicals, chlorine, or strong perfumes and it leaves behind the great, refreshing lemongrass scent!

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The Laundry Room

Nellie’s hasscented wool dryerballsthat are a natural alternative to dryer sheets. They separate clothes all while cutting down static and dryer time. The scent even lasts up to 50 loads!

  • Scented Wool Dryerballs By Nellie’s Clean Shop Now

But where to keep your laundry? ThisMaiz Throw Basket from Design Ideasis a great eco-friendly option.

For more information on Nellie’s brand, visit their site to learn more about their amazing products and their mission to make our environment cleaner!

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